About Us

Serigraph SNC was founded in 1979 as an artisan company and has since worked in the screen print technology, sector for over thirty years, specialising in the creation of screen prints, tensioning for third parties and components for the electronics sector.

We also specialise in the application of a variety of coloured photographic for printed circuits, copper thicknesses of up to a minimum of 400m, printed circuits requiring hole blockages and entirely open circuits.
Our solder works best with nickel gold, chemical, silver, chemical tin, ENTEK, HAL and lead-free HAL processes, as well as with glazing, spray, double vertical printing and horizontal printing processes.

Thanks to technological developments, since 1990 we have been able to produce screen printing frames with metal sheets for laying solder pastes in SMD applications.
Chemically photo-engraved nickel silver or laser-cut steel sheets in a variety of thickness can be attached to iron or aluminium frames, alternatively, they can be made for a variety of self-tensioning systems (ZELFLEX Z4P) – all of which we can supply directly.

Chemical Photo-engraving

We produce components using chemical machining for sectors specialising in model building, electronics, fashion, musical instruments, mechanics, graphic design for advertising and engraved and painted number plates.
Customers are always satisfied thanks to Serigraph’s know-how and professionalism.
If you would like further information or a quote, please get in touch with Storani Pietro, Emanuele Zitti or Francesco Brignoccoli.